6 Best Places to Kayak in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the top three cities to Kayak, according to National Geographic. This city is defined by its three rivers – the Ohio, Allegheny, and Monongahela – popular commercial and recreational spots. Besides these rivers, the city also houses several lakes, and water parks, giving enthusiasts a range of options to go kayaking … Read more

Chasing Niagara Movie Review

Plunge into the wide world of extreme whitewater kayaking through this in-depth Chasing Niagara movie review. Chasing Niagara is a documentary that shows the three-year journey of Rafa Ortiz and his dedicated team of professional kayakers as he pursues his dream of kayaking Niagara falls. Chasing Niagara From Start to Finish The Treachery of Nature … Read more

10 Best Places to Kayak in Iceland

Thanks to the excellent water bodies, beautiful scenery, sweeping glaciers and smoky mountains, Iceland- the land of fire and ice, has become a perfect getaway destination. One of the most enjoyable pastimes for visitors and locals in the country is kayaking. So if you are visiting there as a tourist or a local looking for … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking

One fun activity everyone can learn to do is the kayak. How to kayak, however, is not a stroll in the park. Learning to kayak can be slow and tedious, but the process pays off tremendously.  Nothing beats the exhilaration of gliding across a glistening stretch of water in a kayak. The feel of your … Read more

A Guide to Which Kayaks Are Most Stable

With kayaking becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder you may consider joining the sport. However, choosing between different brands and types of kayaks to fit your skills or needs best can be challenging. As a beginner, it is important to get the answer to the ‘which kayaks are the most stable question’ and understand why. … Read more

How to Fix Scratches On Your Kayak

Scratching your kayak while kayaking is inevitable. Whether you paddle through whitewater or shallow waters doesn’t matter, as kayaking brings your kayak in contact with sharp rocks and pebbles. Therefore, knowing how to maintain your kayak and repair kayak scratches is important.  Know Your Kayak The first step to fixing a kayak scratch is knowing … Read more

The River Runner Documentary Review

The River Runner is a breathtaking and inspirational river run documentary that touches on matters of friendship, grief, ambition, persistence, and growth. It tells the story of Scott Lindgren, a legendary kayaking pioneer and filmmaker, and his emotional journey into, out of, and back into the beautiful world of kayaking. The River Runner in Detail … Read more

How To Kayak With Your Dog

One major question kayakers ask is if they can kayak with their dog. While it might seem daunting, kayaking with your dog is quite an adventure. This article highlights all you need to know about how to kayak with your dog. Preparing Your Dog for Kayaking Before you think about setting out on the water … Read more

How many kayaks fit on a Roof Rack?

A Guide to Fitting and Transporting Kayaks on a Roof Rack Traveling with kayaks can be pretty inconvenient. They are large, have an odd shape, and can be incredibly heavy. But will that stop us from taking our kayaks out on kayaking trips? Absolutely not! So to help you go on your journey, let’s look … Read more