Best Places to go Paddleboarding in Michigan

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How to Fix Scratches On Your Kayak

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The River Runner Documentary Review

The River Runner is a breathtaking and inspirational river run documentary that touches on matters of friendship, grief, ambition, persistence, and growth. It tells the story of Scott Lindgren, a legendary kayaking pioneer and filmmaker, and his emotional journey into, out of, and back into the beautiful world of kayaking. The River Runner in Detail … Read more

How To Kayak With Your Dog

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A Guide to How to Paddleboard in Waves

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How many kayaks fit on a Roof Rack?

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Best Places to go Paddleboarding in San Fransisco

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How much does a paddle board cost?

The market has diverse paddleboard options and a wide range in price. A paddleboard can cost $200 to $3000. This wide disparity in pricing makes it difficult to determine how much to spend on a paddleboard. This article answers the question: How much does a paddleboard cost? Factors that Influence the Price of A Paddle … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Kayaking In Kauai, Hawaii

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