Perfect Places for Paddleboarding in Las Vegas

Rich in entertainment and luxury, there are numerous places available for water sports in the high-profile city of Las Vegas. The famous water sport called paddleboarding is particularly well-liked amongst tourists and locals in the area. If you are interested, read on to find the most incredible places for paddleboarding in Las Vegas.

Top 5 Places for Paddleboarding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has plenty of beautiful lakes, parks, and other highly suitable locations for paddleboarding. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddleboarder, you will surely be able to find an ideal location. To help you get started, below, we have listed five different lakes known to be perfect spots for paddleboarding.

1. Lake Las Vegas

This is one of the most recognizable lakes in Las Vegas, sizing at around 320-acres for kayaking, boating, jet flying, and even paddleboarding. Both the lake and the facilities surrounding it are clean and well-tended. Visitors can experience the stunning views of the lake, facilities surrounding the areas, and water sports available to guests throughout the day.

Many previous visitors of Lake Las Vegas have rated the location highly due to the lively atmosphere around the lake and opportunities available for socializing with friends, family, and perfect strangers. Since Lake Las Vegas boasts a large reservoir, there is plenty of space for you to go paddleboarding amongst others playing different water activities.

Overall, it is possible for you to significantly improve your balance and fitness at Lake Las Vegas through stand-up paddleboarding. Invite some friends to this gorgeous lake to make sure you make the most of your experience. If you are new to the sport, you may also benefit from first reading about how to stand on a paddleboard for beginners before you visit Lake Las Vegas.

2. Lake Mead

Situated just a few minutes away from Las Vegas, Lake Mead is a beautiful lake surrounded by lush trees and nature. If you wish to go paddleboarding, then Lake Mead will give you a great experience due to the peaceful scenery and slow waters that the lake provides.

Children, teens, and adults can all enjoy the natural facilities offered by Lake Mead. In addition, paddleboarding is just one of the many different water sports you can try out. Some people also enjoy canoeing and kayaking in this enormous lake alongside boating and swimming. 

Surrounded by tall mountains, you can easily experience the most exciting adventures when paddleboarding in Lake Mead. The sport itself is relatively easy to learn, which is one of the reasons why it proves to be so enjoyable. Whether you are just starting or have more experience, Lake Mead is a good location for paddle boarding adventures.

Lake Mead is also only about half an hour away from Las Vegas, making it only a short drive if you are visiting or living in the city. If you are eager to experience paddleboarding in the peaceful waters of Lake Mead, then plan out your trip and head over to the lake today.

3. Lake Jacqueline

If you are looking for peace, serenity, and incredible views, Lake Jacqueline might be the perfect paddleboarding location. Located in northwest Las Vegas, Lake Jacqueline is one of the best places for water sports and socializing. 

The community surrounding Lake Jacqueline comprises some of the most outgoing and friendliest people in the city. Furthermore, the well-structured houses make for picturesque views when participating in water sports.

As a result, if you are eager to have a paddleboarding experience in a nice area with friendly locals, visit Lake Jacqueline and bring your paddleboard. It is also ideal for paddleboarding for younger and weaker swimmers since the lake tends to be reasonably calm.

4. Lake Mohave

For those standing on a paddleboard for the first time, you may benefit from starting your journey in the naturally beautiful Lake Mohave, where beginners can benefit from the smooth flowing water. Lake Mohave is located a little further from Las Vegas; however, it still has plenty of visitors from the city during the warmer months.

Besides paddleboarding, it is also possible to go jet skiing, boating, and swimming in the typically warm current. The water itself is clear, clean, and exceptionally vast. There are also sandy beaches surrounding parts of the lake where you can relax quietly under the sun. 

Moreover, the views seen from the lake have been described as so beautiful that there have been visitors solely for photography, making videos, etc. Whether you choose to see it by yourself or with family, Lake Mohave will allow you to have an extraordinary paddleboarding experience. 

5. Emerald Cave in the Colorado River

The Emerald Cave is situated close to Las Vegas along the Colorado River, making it an excellent location for paddleboarding. The Emerald Cave is a medium-sized cave filled with clear and emerald-colored water, giving it a ‘fairytale-like’ ambiance for those visiting.

Along with paddleboarding, you can also swim, kayak, and boat down this colorful stretch of water with the option of being under the direction of a hired guide. Despite the smaller size of the Emerald Cave, it is still a good location for paddleboarders.

Overall, the Colorado River is a popular location for many water sports. It also provides water to the city of Las Vegas. The water is peaceful, transparent, and stretches for several miles.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Detail

Lake Mohave and Lake Mead are both parts of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, where people often play water sports such as paddle boarding and canoeing. This area’s lakes are key destinations due to their majestic views and the activities offered in the water and surrounding shore.

It is common to come across paddleboarders of all ages in either Lake Mohave or Lake Mead since both lakes exhibit stunning views of nature. Such views are perfect for relieving stress and helping you to feel more relaxed. 

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area also features multiple springs, wildlife, and plants that you can view along its lakes. Some of the wildlife you may encounter include the American bald eagle, burrowing owl, and the relict leopard frog.

Safety in the Lakes of Las Vegas

Safety in the Las Vegas lakes does not take your expected form. Rather than armed guards, a collective community looks out for each other. The clear skies and water ensure that there is always someone overlooking the area. A crowd of experienced swimmers and paddlers is ready to jump into action in an emergency. 

Most of the above-listed lakes feature slowly moving water with weak currents that accommodate paddlers of all experience levels. This assures people of their safety whenever they take to the water with friends or family. 

But being genuinely safe starts with you. Remember your training, check the weather forecasts and observe the changes in the water. If the waves begin to get bigger, that should be your cue to come closer to shore or exit the water entirely if you are a newbie. 

Paddleboarding in the Party City

The city of Las Vegas is one of the most well-known and popular locations across the USA for tourism. The city has an abundance of well-frequented locations where people would often go to play water sports like paddle boarding. If you are in the city, consider visiting one of the five locations listed above for some paddleboarding fun.


What Are the Best Conditions for Stand-up Paddleboarding in Las Vegas?

The best condition for stand-up paddleboarding is when the weather is sunny, warm, and calm. Calm weather means that the waves are near non-existent, so it is easy for beginners and weaker swimmers to paddle. Sunny weather also means that paddleboarders will likely not face heavy rain and wind, making it easier to conserve energy in the water.

Do You Require a Personal Floatation Device When Paddleboarding?

If you are younger than 13, you must always wear a life jacket approved by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) when paddleboarding. 13-year-olds or older must have a USCG-approved life jacket outside of designated swimming, surfing, or bathing areas but are not required to wear them at all times.